The section kicked off the month of March at Texas State University with the Spring Council of Chiefs. It was headed by our newly elected section officers. At this gathering, the lodge chiefs, alongside their fellow arrowmen, further planned our annual conclave with the help and guidance of the conclave vice chiefs.

Much is anticipated for this conclave, primarily how it is the only conclave ArrowTour will be visiting. A full map is provided with scheduled dates here:

Other than the stop by ArrowTour, this year’s section conclave is expected to be larger than last year’s record breaking attendance. Logistics is key to any event, and passing a set budget was the biggest priority this past COC. The section officers proposed 3 separate budget models based on 600, 700, and 900 expected attendees. Ultimately, the 600 budget model was motioned and passed with a majority.

The section key 3 stressed to each committee  the importance of planning ahead and utilizing their budget wisely as set in the appropriations model for 600 attendees for any items that will be needed.

The section covered the reviews of last year’s conclave and have set out to fix out the following areas to the best of their abilities:

1.) Make check-in/check-out process more efficient
2.) Create more engaging service projects

3.) Select better meal plans with Texas State
4.) Ensure trading post pre-order pick up is much more organized

Many of these issues and more are taken highly into consideration and improving on them are what makes SR2-3 South one of the best sections in the nation. The section greatly appreciates your feedback.

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