Tanner Maris, Chief

Tanner Maris is a Vigil Honor member and Eagle Scout from Aina Topa Hutsi (Alamo Area Council). He has served as a Lodge Chairman, Vice Chief of Programs, Lodge Chief, Conclave Chairman, Chairman and a Conclave Vice Chief. Tanner was on the Conference Management Team for the 2015 NOAC as the executive aide to the National Chief, Alex Call.  Tanner has attended many Scouting events, including the OA National Leadership Seminar, a trek at Philmont Scout Ranch, and the Centennial NOAC. Tanner recently graduated from Sandra Day O’Connor High School, where he served as the Senior Class President. He is currently a freshman in college majoring in Business Management. Tanner enjoys playing Ultimate Frisbee and competes with his local San Antonio team.


Brett Randell, Vice Chief

Brett Randall is a Vigil Honor member and Eagle Scout from Colonneh Lodge, Sam Houston Area Council. He has served as a Chapter Chief, Vice Chief of Program, Lodge Chief, Conclave Chairman, and a Conclave Vice Chief. Brett has attended many Scouting events, including the OA National Leadership Seminar, Florida Sea Base, NOAC, and NEXT: A New Century. Brett is a sophomore at Baylor University where he studies business. In his free time, Brett stays involved with his fraternity and plays various sports.


AJ Valverde, Secretary

AJ Valverde is a Vigil Honor member and Eagle Scout from Karankawa Lodge, South Texas Council. He has served as a Lodge Chairman, Lodge secretary, Lodge Chief, and a Conclave Vice Chief. AJ has been to the 2013 National Jamboree where he will be returning to serve on the 2017 Operation Arrow staff. AJ attended NLS in 2014, he went on a trek at Philmont in 2014, and most recently attended the 2015 National Order of the Arrow Conference. AJ is graduating from Veterans Memorial High School this spring. There he serves as the FFA and band President. He will attend St. Edwards to major in Communications this Fall. In his spare time, AJ enjoys playing the trumpet, attending concerts, and playing ga-ga ball.

Adult Advisers

John Guevara, Adviser

John Guevara is a lifelong Scouter from Wewanoma Lodge, Rio Grande Council. He is a Vigil Honor member, Eagle Scout, Silver Beaver and Founder’s Award recipient. Prior to being named Section Adviser in July of 2016, he had served as the Wewanoma Lodge Adviser since 2013. He is a past Associate Chapter Adviser and also served as a lodge officer as a youth.

Over the years, Mr. Guevara has served as a Cub Master, Scoutmaster and Base Camp Commissary Chief at the 2013 National Jamboree. He currently serves on the Area 2-3 Summit Ambassador Committee, Sub-Camp Chief for the 2017 National Jamboree, Rio Grande Council Executive Board, and is also the Legal Counsel to the Rio Grande Council, BSA.

Mr. Guevara resides in Harlingen, Texas where he is a practicing attorney and where he continues to serve as a Scoutmaster. He is married to Joanne, a Brotherhood Honor member, and troop committee member. He has two adult children, Jacquelyn and Jeffrey. Jeffrey is a Vigil Honor Member, an Eagle Scout (2013) and former Wewanoma Lodge Chief (2013-2014).

Michael Ledbetter, Staff Adviser

Charlie Harbin, Associate Adviser

Charlie Harbin provides resources and guidance to the section officers and the council of chiefs as they pursue their annual program vision. He also serves in commissioner and communications roles supporting the lodges of the section and their advisers and maintains close contact with the area director. He is an Eagle Scout, and has served in five councils (Alabama, Louisiana, and Texas) with over fifty years of volunteer Scouting. Mr. Harbin has served as Alibamu Lodge Chief, Area V-e Chief, Chilantakoba Associate Lodge Adviser, and Atchafalaya Lodge Adviser. A past National OA Committee member, Distinguished Service Award (DSA) recipient, and continuing Key Volunteer for its Recognition, Awards, History and Preservation Subcommittee, he is a long-term contributor as an adviser to national program direction, events, and promotion. Mr. Harbin has served as a section adviser for three different section configurations (Louisiana, South Louisiana/Central and South Texas, Central and South Texas). He resides in Sugar Land, TX where he supports a local troop as an ASM, is a Catholic religious emblems counselor and committee member, and works as the registration and reception area coordinator for SHAC’s annual Eagle recognition event. Other past Scouting roles and recognitions are numerous. His work life was as an engineer and supervisor with Amoco and then BP America (upon its acquisition of Amoco), culminating as the US Engineering and Technology Recruiting Manager for both companies.

Larry Lindsay, Associate Adviser