Section SR-3 has represented the South Texas area since 1965. Originally Area V-b (Area 5-b), the section has gone through a number of mergers and splits over the years. Most recently, Section SR2-3 South changed names to SR-3 at the 2016 Lone Star Fellowship at the Universtiy of the Incarnate Word.

Past Section Chiefs
2009James McClellandAina Topa Hutsi
2010James McClellandAina Topa Hutsi
2011Jonathan Hillis*Tonkawa
2011Michael Ellsworth**Tatanka
2012Joseph MartinezWewanoma
2013Brance ArmstrongTatanka
2014Alex CallKarankawa
2015Alex Call*Karankawa
2015Rod Reyna**Aina Topa Hutsi
2016Lane RandallColonneh
2017Tanner MarisAina Topa Hutsi
2018Brett RandallColonel


*Elected as National Chief

**Elected by COC to Fill the remainder of a term