The comprehensive use of patches are a long and accepted tradition of the Boy Scouts of America, and are especially magnified in the Order of the Arrow. Thousands of patches are made each year for many occasions. However, this year is different. As 2015 rolled in, it marked  the 100th anniversary of the Order of the Arrow, and with it, a chance for each lodge, in our section and beyond, to express itself through creative and unique patch designs.

With NOAC less than 130 days away, the amount of patches are projected to increase and sold to help lodge’s pay for their contingent fees and other NOAC related expenses. Special edition lodge flaps, rocker sets, and unique dangles have all been seen throughout the section and are making debuts at banquets, ordeals, and other lodge events.

Whatever the reason your lodge has for creating a new patch, it is continuing a long tradition that is deeply rooted in the scouting movement, and there are expected to be hundreds of thousands of patches produced, which will satisfy even the most savvy of patch collectors.

Click on the link to read more about the history of patch trading in the Order of the Arrow:

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