This past weekend, Aina Topa Hutsi held its first ordeal for 2015 on March 27-29 at its council camp Bear Creek Scout Reservation. 192 candidates went through their ordeal, and close to 100 members were present, making it an eventful weekend for all arrowmen.

Ordeal candidates conducted a variety of projects all across Bear Creek this past Saturday. The most notable ones were installing wooden posts and frame for a walk-on patio next to the sports pavilion and clearing large amounts of the invasive Ash Juniper all along the camp. Not to mention the ordeal candidates also built a permanent gaga ball pit on the campgrounds, and it was tested thoroughly by the candidates to ensure its build quality! Engaging service projects are a great way to introduce new members into the Order of the Arrow.

The highly anticipated centennial rocker set was put on sale at the spring ordeal and will be available for purchase at all ATH events this year. The trading post made record breaking sales bringing approximately $3,971.00 to the lodge’s budget.

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