The national committee developed sections as the inter-council structure of the Order of the Arrow. It’s lead by 3 elected youth officials, an adviser, and a staff adviser. These officers answer to the Council of Chiefs, a body comprised of lodge chiefs, representing the nine lodges in our section. These include: Aina Topa Hutsi, Colonneh, Hasinai, Karankawa, Tatanka, Tonkawa, Wahinkto, Wewanoma, and Wihinipa Hinsa Lodges.

Our section SR-3 strives to provided leadership, guidance, and tools to help its lodges in their day to day programs. It is responsible for bridging the gap between the National Committee and the lodges it represents, planning an annual conclave, and providing assistance to its lodges. The section may also plan training seminars, and promote the program of emphasis.